Our Company

Our Company 

Matin Tejarat Parsian Novin, is a private company collaborate with wellknown and capable Iranian and Non-Iranian companies who are manufacturere of spare parts and provider of all kind of required services in the fields of Power, Oil & Gas and Petrochemical products, Water tratment systems, Control System & instrumentation and transmission & distribution.

Since establishing 2003, Matin Tejarat Parsian Novin Co., has been focusing on marketing activities,which is one of the most important sector of any business line , to provide commercial and marketing services to the knowledge based local and foreign companies.

For more than a decade, we have tried to identify the potential of overseas target markets, to establish effective communication in these markets, and to identify local market’s capabilities. Among these markets, we can mention the countries such as Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Algeria and Russia.

since 2018 by using it’s collaboration experience with local and international companies and recognize the market potentials and focus on Marketing of engineering service and products , continues it’s activities in the field of Power, Oil-Gas &Petrochemicals, Water treatment,Electromotors and control systems .

Providing local and foreign marketing and commercial services, supplying required spare parts and equipment and providing all kind of field services for the Power, Oil& Gas, Petrochemical, Water treatment system, Transmission &Distribution and Control system & Instrumentation at home and abroad are our most important responsibilities.